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Originally Posted by skunkstripe View Post
The other philospophy is that the puppy should be trained in "bite inhibition", which means you are training your puppy to learn where the limits of force are that he/she can use on human skin. The advantage of this method is that your adult dog will have a "soft mouth" and be less likely to harm someone in the unlikely event that he/she does "bite".
Thanks for the great info! I have to say I'm a believer in "bite inhibition" dog was very mouthy/nippy as a puppy (that's why he was surrendered to the shelter by his first family) and redirection to chew toys has helped reduce it, but with doing the puppy yelp & walking away when he bit too hard he developed a "soft mouth" - so now even if someone gets him really excited (say, by rough-housing with him a little too much ) if he does use his mouth, he doesn't even dent the skin.

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