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Unhappy Biting Puppy!


Your info below if really useful, however, our puppy (a 12 week old black lab) seems to properly bite if he's frustrated or doesn't get his own way.

For example, I bent down to pick up a frisby as he could not pick it up and he launched himself at my arm quite much so that he drew blood and left me with 5 teeth marks which bruised almost instantly. Another example is when my husband and I were lying on the sofa and were not Hitch was trying to jump upas he wasn't being allowed he launched him self at my nose...although this time, no blood or bruises. Or if he jumps up at something and you try and push him away he just bites harder and harder each time. Also my husband was fussing him gently and for no reason Hitch then jumped and bit his arm.

For the first example he doesn't seem possesivee over his toys as we take things off him on occassions so that he knows that they are ours and not his which is I think it may having been just because he was frustrated that he couldn't pick it up.

We have never abused him in anyway and have tried allsorts to try and stop his general mouthing which appears to have eased off but we are just concerned that he now appears to be biting.

We also do things like pretend to eat out of his bowl, don't allow him on the sofa and we go through a doorway first to show him that we are the alpha figures in the familly.

I don't think this is normal for a puppy but it has also made me think, is it something that we are doing but after racking my brains, I can't think of anything that might make him like this.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatfully received.


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