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With all the predators scouring the intenet these days, I honestly don't believe that children should be allowed to register without their parents knowledge and consent. It's a safety as well as liability issue.

If children are allowed to register without parental consent, their age should not be displayed with each post for anyone that pops in without bothering to register. We don't need to point out the kids to would-be predators.

As it is now, only registered users can view the profile and see the age. This of course doesn't insure anyone's safety, but makes it a little bit less risky for the youngsters.

The information is there in the profile for all registered users to see. It's a simple task if posts seem a little off center to check the users profile.

Before anyone points out that kids are safer on this site than many others, I'll agree with that. However with such a large site it's safe to assume that it's attracted a few predators from time to time.

Let's not unecessarily draw their attention to the kids! If we're going to display their age, keep it in the profile.

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